January 08, 2005

A 13-year-old boy from PA has scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT. In June 2003, his brother Ross scored 1600 on the SAT as a junior, but the oldest brother Alan, only scored 1520 on the exam. What a loser.

The new National Annenberg Election Survey indicates 16% of those who voted for Bush considered voting for Kerry, and 15% of Kerry voters considered voting for Bush. Who are these people?

Men's Fitness magazine's has released the top 10 winners (and losers) in it's Seventh Annual Fattest and Fittest Cities Report. The fittest cities are Seattle and Honolulu, and the fattest are Houston and Philadelphia.

13 years ago today, Dubya's daddy puked on the Prime Minister of Japan.

Kobe Bryant No. 8 Lakers jersey — previously one of the best sellers in the world — has fallen out of the top 50. What a shame.

The World Bank approved $73 million in grants and loans Friday to help Haiti implement economic reforms and recover from floods.

Happy 63rd birthday to Stephen Hawking.

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