January 25, 2005

The Bush administration will request about $80 billion more for this year's costs of fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The request would push the total so far for those wars and for U.S. efforts against terrorism elsewhere in the world to more than $280 billion since 9/11. That would be nearly half the $613 billion the United States spent for WWI or the $623 billion for the Vietnam War. (All costs in 2005 dollars)

2,876 investment deals attracted $20.9 billion in venture capital last year, up 11% from 2003. Venture capital investment peaked at $106 billion at the end of the dot-com bubble in 2000.

Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store, now available in 15 countries, and selling 1.25 million songs at 99 cents apiece per day, has sold more than 250 million songs since it launched in April 2003.

The State Department is considering doubling the bounty on Osama bin Laden to $50 million. I'm sure all of the people that wouldn't turn in OBL for that paltry $25 million will surely jump at the chance now.

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