January 03, 2005

California resorts may see 4-day storm totals of up to 9 feet(!) of snow.

The government gave $1.17 billion of your tax dollars to 'faith-based' groups in 2003. While those dollars don't directly fund proselytizing, it certainly frees up a bunch of money that will be used to spread the word.

ABC News/Washington Post poll shows personal optimism is down 19 points and hopefulness for the world is down 15 points from a year ago. Cheer-up! It's only 4 more years.

China's population will officially hit 1.3 billion this week.

One tropical storm and five hurricanes contributed to the 2004's record 1,717 tornado reports in the U.S.

Gretzky fears the NHL could be shut down for as long as 2 years if a labor deal is not reached soon. Yes, there really are people who care about hockey.

Brothers fete birthdays with same card for 29 years.

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