January 23, 2005

CBS Sportsline offers stat heavy previews of the championship games between the Eagles and Falcons, and Patriots and Steelers. Today's most important stats may be of the weather variety. AFC kick-off forecast: Flurries, 13°F, Wind: 9 mph; NFC kick-off forecast: Partly Cloudy, 17°F, Wind 26 mph.

After the AFC game, CBS will premiere NUMB3RS. It has the dorky premise of an FBI agent (Rob Morrow) who recruits his mathematical genius brother (David Krumholtz), to help the Bureau solve crimes. It's actually gotten a few decent reviews, and being the number geek that I am, I'll probably watch it.

About 233 of the 3,465 passengers aboard the Mariner of the Seas cruise ship became sick after the vessel began a 7 day cruise through the Caribbean.

More than 2.5 million people took part in this year's haj, which ended without incident on Saturday. Last year, 250 people were killed in a stampede.

Within the pages of the book "A Treasure's Trove," are the clues to real treasures worth $1 million that are hidden around the U.S. The 12 items are in public places where they can be easily accessed without digging, moving or disturbing objects or structures.

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