January 29, 2005

A federal judge gave Jeffrey Lee Parson the minimum sentence of 18 months in prison and 100 hours of community service for releasing a version of the Blaster computer worm into the Internet in 2003. Parson's variant of the worm infected 48,000 computers and caused $1.2 million in damage.

Jetliners from China have landed in rival Taiwan for the first time in 56 years. Taiwan had banned Chinese airlines from flying to the island since the Communists took over the mainland in 1949. Trade between the 2 countries in 2004 climbed to $70 billion, a 34% increase from 2003.

Warren Buffett has to be pleased with Procter & Gamble's buying of Gillette for $57 billion. The deal netted him $645 million in just 1 day.

During a panel on poverty, Actress Sharon Stone popped out of her seat and offered $10,000 to buy bed nets which are needed to save the 150,000 African children that are dying of malaria every month. She then implored the executives and political leaders in the room to do the same. Around 30 did, and within 5 minutes, $1 million had been raised.

Metacritic has posted a nice chart showing how many times movies from last year made it onto film critic top 10 lists. The movies cited the most were Sideways, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Million Dollar Baby, The Incredibles and Before Sunset.

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