January 10, 2005

Jon Stewart's best-seller America (The Book) has been banned in 8 Mississippi public libraries because of a photo depicting the faces of the U.S. Supreme Court justices superimposed on 9 naked bodies. The empty space on the library shelves was promptly replaced with copies of How to Cook Roadkill.

Metallic rods about 500 times smaller than the width of a human hair have been turned into tiny "propellers" by a Canadian research team. Neato.

CBS fired 4 news staffers Monday following the release of an independent investigation that said a "myopic zeal" led to the airing of a discredited "60 Minutes Wednesday" story about President Bush's military service. For more information on myopic zeal, please refer to the war in Iraq.

In a new survey of our Galaxy, 3 supergiant stars have emerged as larger than any others so far measured. They are each about 1,500 times the diameter of our Sun, or roughly 7 times bigger than the Earth's orbit.

The 31st Annual People's Choice Awards show was on last night. Exciting award categories included 'Crest fans favorite smile' and 'Pantene fans favorite hair.' Not surprisingly, I was busy watching 24.

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