January 30, 2005

Lockheed Martin has won a $6.1 billion contract from the White House for 23 new high-tech, high-security presidential helicopters. There was some controversy about the whether the helicopters should be 100% American made. I have 2 questions. Why do they need 23 helicopters? Why do they cost $265 million each?

OPEC producers have agreed to keep output limits on hold, convinced that oil prices near $50 a barrel are not stifling world growth. Oh, good. More big profits for our undemocratic oil rich friends in the Middle East.

More than 100,000 activists, agitators, intellectuals and trade unionists from scores of countries have gathered in Brazil for the World Social Forum. The forum also has attracted a handful of Nobel Peace Prize and Nobel literature winners and more than 100 indigenous tribes from throughout the world. Globalization has great potential for the world. I'm glad we have these folks watching out for the average person and trying to keep the governments and corporations in line.

Twin sisters, Siri Ingvarsson and Gunhild Gaellstedt, are celebrating their 100th birthday today in Sweden. Other birthdays today: Gene Hackman is 75. V.P. Dick Cheney is 64 (that's all?!). Phil Collins is 54. Christian Bale is 31.

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