January 26, 2005

NBC News is reporting that 31 U.S. Marines were killed after their helicopter crashed in the western desert area of Iraq. According to the initial investigation, the helicopter was not shot down, but crashed due to a mechanical failure or poor weather conditions.

China's economy expanded 9.5% in 2004. That is similar to the 9.3% rate of growth in 2003.

20 year old Nebraskan Web-page designer Andrew Fischer will be earning $37,375 to advertise the snoring remedy, SnoreStop on his forehead for one month. I smell a trend.

Krispy Kreme has announced its new CEO, Stephen F. Cooper, will be paid $760 an hour, plus expenses. The "turnaround specialist," who led Enron for almost 3 years, will earn $30,400 for a 40-hour work week, and $1,580,000 per year.

Warning: The following information may make you feel old. Eddie Van Halen turned 50(!) years old today.

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