January 21, 2005

Upstart liberal radio network Air America will soon be expanding its total nationwide reach to 45 markets with the addition of D.C., Detroit and Cincinnati. According to Webcast Metrics, Air America is also the 4th most popular Internet radio station, with almost 200,000 weekly Web listeners.

It only took 1 inch of snow from a surprise storm to cripple Raleigh, North Carolina and cause more than 1,000 accidents, none fatal. Some people were caught in traffic jams for more than 8 hours.

7-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens is getting paid a record breaking $18 million to come back for his 22nd season of major league baseball.

How can I not link to an article titled, A Question of Numbers? If you are really, really interested in the Social Security debate, don't miss this long NYT analysis by Roger Lowenstein.

Gmail users might be interested in this "complete" list of 29 tips for using the email system.

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