February 07, 2005

Armed with a self-designed ultra-high-resolution camera he crafted from parts of spy planes and nuclear reactors, Physicist Graham Flint is crisscrossing America, taking thousands of pictures of cities, monuments and national parks. Weighing more than 100 pounds, Flint's camera captures images at 4 gigapixels which could theoretically yield prints that measure up to 48 feet long and 24 feet high. Beginning in 2000, Flint has made about 1,000 gigapixel photographs during long road trips covering thousands of miles. [Gigapxl Project]

Bush is using some fuzzy math on his promise to cut the deficit in half. First, he uses the 2004 projected of $521 billion, and not the actual 2004 deficit of $412 billion. Second, Bush proposes to cut the deficit in half not in dollars, but as a share of the economy. Third, the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the cost of introducing private investment accounts to Social Security are not included.

While everyone was busy setting their DVRs for the premiere of The Simple Life: Interns, Doctors Without Borders has put up their list of The 10 Most Underreported Humanitarian Crises of 2004. [via BoingBoing]

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