February 08, 2005

As expected, Bush has gotten a boost from the Iraq elections. His approval rating is now at 57%. That is similar to the 59% rating he had after Saddam's capture. He is not doing as well if you look at specific topics. Approval ratings for the economy: 50%; foreign affairs: 51%; Iraq: 50%; Social Security: 43%. The poll also covers American's opinions of several other people and topics. [Full results]

An object just one-fifth the size of Pluto has been discovered orbiting a dying star in what appears to be a small version of our solar system. In a separate study, a disk of planet-building material was spied circling a brown dwarf just 15 times the mass of Jupiter. The system could also evolve into a compact, dim solar system.

Chairman and founder of MIT's Media Labs Nicholas Negroponte is developing a laptop that will go on sale for less than $100. He hopes it could become an education tool in developing countries where every child would have a laptop that could be used as a text book.

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