February 01, 2005

The NFL had just a handful of 300-pounders 15 years ago. Today, nearly 1 in 4 players in Sunday's Super Bowl will weigh 300 pounds or more. The Patriots have 12, and the Eagles 11, including 349-pound tackle Tra Thomas. An unofficial check of expanded NFL rosters at the end of the season turned up 455 players listed at 300 pounds or more, almost all of them linemen.

From the always exciting merger news department - MetLife is buying Travelers from Citigroup for $11.5 billion. Also, AT&T is being bought by SBC Communications for $16 billion. AT&T was born from Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone almost 130 years ago.

Thanks to high oil prices, ExxonMobil earned a record $8.4 billion in the fourth quarter and a record $25.3 billion for 2004. Annual revenue was a record $298 billion, up 20% from a year ago. You'd think they could have worked to keep gas prices down instead. Ahhh, ha haaaaa. I kill me.

A new UCLA study finds college students are becoming more divided on politics. The annual survey of freshmen around the country found that 2 to 4% defined themselves as "far left" or "far right" politically. About 26% of freshmen identified themselves as liberal, 22% as conservative and nearly half said they were "middle of the road."

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