February 05, 2005

University of Akron's 4th national survey of religion and politics of 2,730 adult respondents shows an increasingly polarized religious electorate. Nearly 90% of conservative evangelical Protestants voted for Bush and nearly 4 in 5 liberal mainline Protestants choose Kerry. It was moderate Protestants and Catholics that gave the Republicans the edge on Election Day. 55% of centrist Catholics, 58% of centrist mainline Protestants and 64% of centrist evangelical Protestants chose Bush. [Full Report]

The number of times US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld offered to resign during a crisis last year over prisoner abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib jail: 2. You might notice that he still has a job.

Police searching for marijuana yesterday have found those nickels that vanished last year en route to the Federal Reserve. They found all 3.6 million nickels — weighing 45,000 pounds, in 900 bags, buried about 4 feet deep in the back yard of a suburban home.

The FCC said rates for basic, expanded basic cable service and equipment rose 5.4% to an average of $45.32 per month in the year ended Jan. 1, 2004, up from $42.99 a month the prior year. Cable rates rose at only a 3.6% pace in areas where there was effective competition for customers versus 5.6% where there was no direct competition.

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